Behind the Design (Midwest Classic Jersey)

Welcome to a new segment that we've titled, "Behind the Design" where we share the process and influence(s) behind fan-favorite designs. Today, we'll be covering our latest release (Midwest Classic BMX Jersey).

One of the first things that we do before creating a design, is determining a concept that we want to run away with. In this case, we chose a retro/vintage biking event. Yes, we know that it sounds pretty random, but this concept was inspired by the late Juice Wrld (RIP) rocking the Supreme x Fox jersey.

Of course, we didn't want to copy & paste the design and construction of their piece so that's when IMAGINATIIIOOON has to set in.

After deciding a concept and influence, it was time to pick out a color scheme that screamed "vintage" without making it look like we were trying too hard to do so. At the same time, we were looking for a combination that fit well with autumn colors (this was the most difficult part).

Once the colors were decided, we pretty much had an idea of what the graphics were going to consist of. We wanted to aim for something that was very specific to the areas we value the most WITHOUT BEING CHEESY. So yes, this piece was intentionally designed to give an exclusive feel to those who are from any of the areas on the back of the jersey.

We value the art and artists from these areas, so this jersey is ultimately paying homage to you all. Big shoutout to all, and thanks for reading our first ever "Behind the Design" blog post.

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