The Mind Behind Divine Lotus

John Edget (21) from Grenada, Mississippi is the mastermind behind the luxury streetwear brand known as "Divine Lotus". Despite being a small business, he envisions to expand the brand far beyond Mississippi, but on a global scale instead.

What is the meaning behind the name "Divine Lotus"?

Divine Lotus is constructed around the symbolism of the lotus flower, where as a lotus flower grows in the worst environments, the brand is my jewel to everyone. It means to be happy & preserve through all obstacles in life. Not everyone comes from the best places but it’s the point of being happy.

What are the biggest inspirations behind the creation of the brand?

Inspirations ... The brand is something I created when I was in [possibly] the worst part of my life, & it helped me find the old me who was creative & happy--a youthful me.  Major inspirations that helped me a little were, artists like Blu Boy of WNTD, JoeFreshgoods, Pyer Moss, & Chinatown market.

Why is Divine Lotus different from traditional local streetwear brands?

It’s different because everyone is trying to continue the regular streetwear normalities . I didn’t create it to be normal or a local brand. From day one it’s been the goal to be globally known. It’s not always the traditional track suits, or just tshirt brands that everyone has. From the designs to the fabric it’ll be different & have a story behind why it is made.

What is the hardest aspect of running a streetwear brand in your eyes?

Managing the sales & being as social as possible with advertising and bringing more people into the brand. Having a great team is the hardest part. No one person can do everything on their own.

Any advice to young entrepreneurs who want to jump into this industry?

Make sure legally you have everything together. Don’t mix business with pleasure. Keep business & friends or family seperate. Always be professional. Read into starting a brand or business before you actually do it. It’s a lot of work & if you’re not motivated & in love with what you do it will not work.

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