Fresh Squeezed with Mike Reese

What’s the story behind the name “Fresh Squeezed”? 

Honestly all credit goes to Xavier on that one. We originally wanted to call it "The Juice", but that was already taken, so bro just randomly said FreshSqueezed and we ran with it. I’m glad we did fasho.

What is the motive behind the brand?

I just wanna see everybody eat man fr, it’s a lot of talent that goes overlooked in our area [Northwest Indiana], so if I can have a platform to showcase it and hopefully one day get big enough we can all take off.

What’s your favorite interview so far?

Tough to say what my favorite interview has been so far, because they have all brought different experiences. I could go through all of em and tell you something I liked different from another, but overall I think my interview with Ryan [Neal] was my favorite, because of the energy he had. But SNF.JT and Aaliyah had a lot of energy as well. Idk man I love em all.

What’s the biggest inspiration(s) for Fresh Squeezed?

I don’t really have inspirations for the show itself, I just look up to people who have built something from nothing, like Kevin Hart and try to model myself after that. But nobody in particular as far as the show goes.

What’s your advice for young creatives looking to create a platform similar to yours?

PATIENCE AND POSITIVITY!! Trust me there is gonna be days you don’t feel like doing it, videos that won’t do as well as you thought, and people who won’t reply to you. But at the end of the day, be patient and just keep pushing eventually it’s gonna click. I always try to be positive because I believe you get back what you put out.

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