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How @hbcudrip filled the gap

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

When we were about to release our HBCU Tee, we had the idea of looking for outlets where the Black University culture met with fashion. As we were confident we'd find nothing, we actually did when we discovered @hbcudrip. As we continued to follow the page, we noticed that this was one of the dopest ideas because..well...there's nothing like it. So, you know what we had to do! We had to track down the owner of this account to understand the person behind it all (@camrantula).

What sparked your interest in creating a platform specifically for HBCU students?

I saw there was a need for HBCU fashion to be highlighted more than what it was already. There was plenty of HBCU platforms but there was never one strictly for this. I wanted to be the first.

How did @hbcudrip gain traction?

It gained traction because it was the first platform created specifically for this. We’ve only allowed HBCU students to be posted since the start. A lot of people shouted our page out so that gained us a few 100 followers to kickstart it.

What’s the most challenging aspect of running this account?

The most challenging aspect is content. Since we only post HBCU students, it could be sometimes challenging compared to being able to to post anyone on the internet. But that’s the beauty of it and what’s makes us unique. Not everyone comes from the same background but our creativeness allows everyone to shine. That’s why I created this platform.

How would you describe your personal aesthetic in three words?

Clean, detailed, fire

What words of advice/encouragement do you have for individuals trying to find their own style?

To someone out there trying to find your style I’d say, to take inspo from others. Trial and error. Try different styles until you find your perfect one. That’s the best way.
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