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This brand was created in 2018 on our winter break from college--it was a collective decision. A collaboration of my three closest friends and myself. And honestly, we surpassed lots of peoples' expectations. Even if people didn't support us, they acknowledged us. That was the goal from day one. We weren't here to participate in the popularity contest.

We wanted to create some sh*t that was more than just slapping our name (which sounds like an incurrable disease) on a few hoodies and tees. We wanted you to feel our message, which essentially stood for liberation and individuality.

And as much as we still stand on that foundation, we've evolved.

Both the brand, and my closest friends evolved. As a result, we came to a mutual & peaceful agreement to go our separate ways as of last March. Everyone had their own ventures to explore, and it was strongly encouraged to tackle them with 100% of our energy.

The very concept our brand symbolized, was being fulfilled in real-time. That's what it's all about, remember?

So, Protagnia has run its course. But it has a friend. A more ______ friend.

We are all similar, with different shades.

FALL 2023.

With Gratitude,


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