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We'll let you check out the product description if you want to know exactly what it means in a general sense. But, this kind of goes more in depth.

Since a university is known to be a place of learning, it was a perfect concept for us (and more importantly, everyone else). No, we're not talking about books or anything like that--we're talking about ACTUALLY LEARNING.

You know...f**king up and developing from that experience. This is real growth.

So, this is such a special piece because the concept (the university part) requires you to finally learn about yourself. Notice how you're always expected to learn about everything else, but there's no real emphasis on educating us about self-awareness. It's sad.

We know what "y" equals, but we don't even know "why" we're so anxious.

That's an issue.

It's time for shit to change.

Welcome to Protagnia University--a fictional HBCU < 3

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